Enough is enough

My oldest missed the bus today. I was mad! On the days I don’t have to work, my mornings start with waking her up early to get her off to school by 6:50. Then, hopefully I can drift back to sleep a bit longer until the little ones wake up. Typically, I get an extra 20 minutes of shut eye, but hey, every minute counts! Today, of course, was the day they slept till almost 9—that NEVER happens!

There was tension on the ride to school. Normal stuff, I thought, considering the way the day had started. As we inched closer to school, I realized it wasn’t that normal stuff. My daughter was crying, she was anxious. She did not want to go to school today. I asked her what was wrong; we had already moved past the fact that she missed the bus, she knew I wasn’t mad anymore. Her angst had nothing to do with that. She was afraid to go to school. 

In light of what happened last week in Florida, and things that have happened way too many times before, she was scared for her safety. She verbalized fear of someone attacking her school the way many others had across the world. A child should not fear going to school. A school should be a sanctuary, a second home, a safe place.

In today’s society, it has become all too common to hear of children dying due to gun violence. We need to make a change. The time is not just now; the time was decades ago. For people with mental illness to have the ability to acquire assault weapons is a complete disgrace. We need to make our voices heard. We need to stand up for our children. We need to protect them. We need to make this world a safe and peaceful place where children can flourish and not have to live in fear every single day.

Enough is enough. Never again should our normal programming being interrupted to inform us of another school shooting. We all have a voice and we need to make it heard. Write to your senators, participate in activist movements. Let’s all come together to put an end to gun violence.

I didn’t make Taylor go to school today. I am scared, too. I want to protect my children and keep them safe. She will go to school tomorrow, and she will still be afraid. I cannot keep her home with me everyday; most of us realistically cannot keep our children home with us everyday. We need to fight to make our school safe and help prevent another tragedy from occurring.

The students of Majory Stoneman Douglas High School have started a movement to put a stop to such violence. On March 14th, there is the National School Walkout. This was established by the same people who organized the Women’s March. Students, faculty, and parents are encouraged on that day to walkout of school for 17 minutes in honor of each individual that was lost in the latest school shooting. On March 24th, March for Our Lives will take place in Washington, DC and other cities across the country. March for Our Lives aims to spread awareness and help make the lives of students across the world the number one priority. Never again will a child go to school and not return home that night. Enough is enough.

Please visit https://www.marchforourlives.com to learn where you can march. The more voices we the have, the louder it will resonate. Please do your part to help ensure the safety of children everywhere. You can make a difference. Do your part to help elicit change for the better and ensure a brighter future for all.

In retrospect, Taylor missing the bus this morning was so unbelievably unimportant and I am mad at myself for getting angry at her for it. It’s so easy to take for granted how precious every minute truly is. Next time, I will have a different take on it. I will look at it as an opportunity to spend an extra 20 minutes with just her. A time to catch up, a time to enjoy her. Life is too short. We just need to enjoy the ride… literally.

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Hi! I’m Courtney but you can call me Coco! My nephew gave me that nickname 7 years ago and I love it! I am a wife and mama of three. I have a thirteen year old, a three year old and one year old. I also have a nine year French bulldog/Boston terrier pup that is simply the best! I am a registered nurse. I have a deep passion for exploring and being outdoors. I love photography and traveling. I strive to live my best life each day. I am a firm believer in using essential oils to optimize overall health and well-being ! I think everyone should!

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